Security Guarding

“Safety is not a luxury, but a basic right”

We are a registered and compliance conforming company as per standards of “Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005”. We provide a variety of trained personnel security guarding services for several reputed commercial premises, data centers, foreign embassies, hotels, schools, hospitals, government buildings, high value industrial premises and residential properties.

We also have expertise and highly trained personnel in providing executive protection for VIPs on behalf of events management companies. We also have trained personnel with former military or police service experience who are also experienced in providing high level personal security to several VIPs as per our clientele’s needs.

Security Consulting

“A secure environment starts with a plan to create one”

Security decisions you make today become the deciding factor for your organization's secure, safe and resilient future for years to come. Our comprehensive security consulting services enable our clients to be confident to safeguard their residence, office space, employees, business operations, and other facilities & assets.

Beside our vast experience in high-level security integration in “Precious stone industry (Mining Sector)”, our independent and holistic security consulting services proves to be the key factor for security integration process for several reputed organizations in India. Some of our major consultation services include:

  • Risk assessment
  • Mitigation process implementation
  • Selection of security and other key personnel
  • Surveillance audit
  • Intelligence and information process implementation

Security Technology

“Technology is the key to secure future”

Our major consumer focused security technology includes,

  • Detection
  • Surveillance
  • Monitoring